Minimum dimensions for a bath. Bathroom plans design
The rational distribution for a small bathroom with minimum dimensions must take into account the distance between each fixture and the basic concepts to save space.
In a small bathroom, it will depend a lot on the area (in square feet) you have, also the location of door and window and the minimum measures.
A standard toilet covers at least 70cm depth and require about 20cm apart to use them comfortably. However, there are special models of sinks 30cm diameter and toilets 60cm depth, and also shower trays 60 x 60 cm. The best possible location for the sink or lavatory is in front of the door.
In a square-shape bathroom it is best to clear the wall of the door and take the rest. The shower is typically placed in a corner preferably. In long and narrow bathrooms, toilets are situated in line with shower at the background
Minimum dimensions for a bath. Bathroom plans design
Bathroom from:
You must maximize space by using the corners, and bottom wall to install showers. You can choose a shower enclosure of sliding doors, as they do not take up much room. A very common idea is the installation of sanitary wares one after the other, taking into account the minimum separation between them, and demand for own use. For example in the case of sinks, located in the first place, if the user wishes to make use of this rapidly, will not have to scroll through the end of the bath. With the caveat that this will depend on the architectural design of each bathroom and the dimensions of the same.
If your space available for washing is 140x160 cm, there are at least four options:

a. Small bath
b. Large bath
c. Giant shower screen
d. Bathtub with giant shower screen

A bathtub in which you would lie diagonally can be very, very spacious and confortable
A standard rectangular bath is 170 cm.

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