Luxury bathroom closet. High end and cutting-edge technology bathrooms
A spectacular bathroom closet where clothes turns around, the walls are illuminated with blue LEDs, the TV is in a glass and much more cutting edge technology. This bathroom closet for couples has integration, comfort, modernity and symmetry in the layout. The idea that bathroom and closet are in only 26 m², has been developed by professionals such as Angelo Morethson and Cristina Coelho. The couple may be in the bathroom, while dressing, makeup or relax in the spa. Used neutral colors like gray ground, black, white and silver, and walls covered with pebbles. Furniture made of wood and fiber (reforestation certified), sustainable synthetics and no porosity, porcelain made of recycled material and LED lights. What makes the whole project environmentaly friendly. Luxury bathroom exposed in CasaCor Brazil.

Via: Bathrooms Design Ideas 

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